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Damos el equipamiento y explicamos las normas básicas de seguridad y juego.

Hacemos una partida de entrenamiento y se pasa a las diferentes zonas de juego adonde los monitores explican los objetivos en cada partida.

Máximo se hacen 3 partidas en un mismo campo y se pasa a otro diferente. Las partidas acostumbran a durar entre 5-10 min por juego, con descanso entre partidas.

Tactical gear from world’s best-known manufacturers and the most popular creators. Wide selection of plate carriers, vests, pouches, backpacks, slings and other equipment at our shop!

We own an extensive shop (both online and offline which is right by our arena) that offers the full range of tactical gear and equipment that will totally enhance your day of an awesome play.

At our club, you will find different fields to play at and choose the one that’s right for you. We’ve built an exclusive, fun-filled and thrilling atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy.

Open 7 Days a Week 25,000 sq ft Facility Centrally Located in the South

Thousands of Products, Best Brands, and Airsoft Gear Experts

Our newest location, Raider Spirit Airsoft Spring, opened in the Fall of 2015

BV-2421, KM 1, Polígono Industrial «Can Mascaró», La Palma de Cervello – 648 702 580· +34 607 772 465